I am a 21-year-old girl in England, and I am just finishing off an MSc degree in Psychology before I start my training this summer (hopefully!) to become cabin crew. Basically this blog is just my thoughts and opinions, but I usually tailor these around my 3 major interests: food, feminism and flight attendant life.

Food - I love cooking and baking, so, despite being on a student budget, I try out a few new recipes each week. I either get these from websites, books or just make them up, and I will post some of my favourites on this blog. I also love trying new foods when I'm travelling, and seeing as most of my travelling has been in Asia, I tend to favour cooking mostly Asian or European foods. Some of my favourites I've had from around the world include paneer curry & garlic naan in India, Thai penang chicken curry & pineapple fried rice and beef rendang with egg fried rice in Indonesia.

Feminism - My psychology research at university mainly focuses on sexism and related topics such as rape myth acceptance, objectification of women and system justification. Feminism has therefore become important to me as I've expanded my psychological knowledge over the last few years and come to take a more feminist stance in my everyday attitudes and opinions. I try and keep updated on current feminist blogs and news, I want to use this blog to voice my own thoughts about feminist and psychological issues, and recommend other relevent pages to my readers.

FA Life - I haven't started my training yet, but when I do I plan to incorporate this into this blog. I don't know if this will be a short or a long term career yet, as I may return to academia to get my PhD at some point. But I love travel and want to make the most of it while I can; I love visiting other countries and learning about other cultures, and I think this career will give me a good basis for this. I will write about the work I do and the places I visit, to try and give an insight into life as cabin crew.

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