why has feminism become a negative concept?

I think it's really hard for someone nowadays to admit that they're a feminist. When you hear the word "feminist" you immediately think this is synonymous with "lesbian" and "doesn't shave legs" (not that I would be offended by these things - you ladies love who you want and shave whatever parts of your body you like!) But I can't help but wonder why we come to think of feminism as a negative concept.

This article gives a good overview on how the word feminism originated and developed into what we think of it today (http://vomnck.wordpress.com/2013/03/04/the-negative-connotation-of-the-word-feminism-explained/).

People often misinterpret what feminism about, thinking (wrongly!) that feminists want power over men. I cannot emphasise enough that this. is. not. feminism. Feminism is about equality. Feminism means being able to look at someone and see them for the person they are rather than making assumptions about them based on their gender. I, along with many women, do not want to live my life as a self-fulfilling prophecy that I will not be as successful as my brothers and father and uncles and male cousins, that I will not earn as much as my husband, that I will want to have children, that I will stay home and look after said children because it is my "natural instinct."

It has taken me a long time and several years of studying the psychology of sexism and related concepts at university to come to realise that this is what feminism is truly about. It's taken nearly 4 years for me to disentangle the mess of assumptions about feminism that aren't true, in order for me to realise who I truly am and finally see that feminism is not a bad thing at all! Really, I ever want my daughters to grow up to be with the same opportunities as my sons, I need feminism.

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